Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audits

"Do I need a home energy audit?"

Sometimes referred to as a home energy checkup or assessment, this is something that many homeowners have been asking about. If you've been living in your home for more than a few years, you probably have some idea of your home's strengths and weaknesses in terms of energy performance.

Schedule an energy audit and get these benefits

  • A detailed report on the condition of all major systems
  • Detailed recommendations on what improvements to make
  • Free estimates for all recommended improvements.

For example, you know what rooms in your house get uncomfortably warm in summer or unusually chilly during the winter. If your water heater doesn't have an ENERGY STAR label, you can be pretty sure it's not very efficient.

A Home Energy Audit helps you make the right improvements in the right order

If you know that your water heater needs to be replaced or your attic needs more insulation, it's fine to simply call and get estimates for these energy-saving upgrades. But it's important to remember that a house uses and loses energy in many ways.

Without the complete energy profile that an energy audit provides, it's difficult to know what upgrades are most important and what the order of improvements should be. For example, an energy audit may tell you that instead of replacing your furnace to lower heating costs, you can achieve more savings with less-costly improvements like sealing ductwork and upgrading attic insulation.

Get a master plan for home energy savings!

Through various tests, inspections and calculations, a complete energy audit evaluates all of the features and conditions that factor in your home's overall energy performance. When Green Eco Solutions completes your Home Energy Checkup, you'll see exactly how your energy dollars are being spent and where your best savings opportunities are. Our energy audit rates 10 Energy Vital Signs and provides you with a prioritized list of recommended improvements --your master plan for saving energy.

Green Eco Solutions, a nationwide network of home energy improvement specialists, is one of the few companies that not only provides the homeowner with a comprehensive energy audit; Green Eco Solutions also has the capability to prioritize and complete the full range of improvements identified in the audit. This versatility saves homeowners time and money, because they don't have to call separate contractors to complete audit-identified upgrades. One call does it all.

Get our free book, "Saving Energy and $ at Home" when you sign up for a Green Eco Solutions Home Energy Audit. Call or email today to schedule your energy audit.

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