Reflective Roofing

Reflective Roof Shingles also called Cool Roofs

Cutting your energy usage is green in two ways:

  • It reduces energy consumption, which is good for the planet,
  • It puts dollars in your pocket.


One way to cut your power bill for summer air conditioning is to install reflective roofing shingles. Studies on reflective roof coatings done in the early 90’s by Home Energy Magazine Online indicated savings of anywhere from 10% to 40% on air conditioning power consumption, depending on original insulation and the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.










Technical Breakthroughs in Shingle Roofing

Research has been ongoing since 1995 to incorporate reflective technology into asphalt shingles for residential roofing. A joint project between the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 3M developed cool roofing granules that provide superior reflective properties when applied to asphalt shingles.

This combination provides the excellent performance of asphalt shingles in all types of climate conditions with energy-saving reflective properties. In addition, this technology provides homeowners with a choice of more colors than white when selecting reflective roof shingles. Below are just a few colors available.








Return on Investment in Reflective Roofing Shingles?

Although there are reflective coatings that can be applied to existing roofs, the cost is prohibitive when compared to the return in energy savings. The best return on investment in reflective roofing is when a roof needs replacement.

Green Eco Solutions will inspect your attic for mold, mildew, stains on the roof and complete a thorough energy audit of your home. Installing reflective shingles alone may not be the correct choice for your home.

At Green Eco Solutions our goal is to address the home’s entire energy envelop and when you are talking about the roof the attic goes hand in hand with energy savings.

Contact Green Eco Solutions for a complete energy checkup.


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